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Demo Reel
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Hi, I'm Christian, a video game sound designer.

I have a relentless passion for the immersive qualities that sound offers to game and learning in general. While studying at Arizona State University, I became well versed in Synthesis, Instrument Design, Sound Processing, and Experimental Composition. After completing my MSc in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, I am now applying these ideas to game audio in professional settings.

As I continue to progress and develop my own style, I actively take on freelance work and opportunities to further my dedication towards game audio

Core Skills: Sound Design, Wwise, UE5, Unity, Field Recording,

Reaper,  Ableton Live  


Additional Skills: Basic C++ and C#, MaxMSP, Mixing, Editing, VO, Production Sound

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EEGer - Solo Project
MSc Dissertation at the University of Edinburgh

A video of the last two levels from my dissertation project at the University of Edinburgh. The game, titled EEGer, was made with Unity and Wwise. All sounds were created with Wwise's Synth One and were based on research related to binaural beat frequencies and their connection to brain waves in an effort to find alternative paths towards immersion.

Atomic Heart
Gameplay Sound Redesign

A gameplay sound redesign of  Mundfish's Atomic Heart.

Atlas Fallen 
Cinematic Sound Redesign

A cinematic sound redesign of  Deck13's Atlas Fallen trailer. 

Project GRAY
Gameplay Sound Redesign

A gameplay sound redesign of  In-D's Project GRAY.

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